V - Verso-Rhyme and Velvet



The Verso-Rhyme was invented by L. Ensley Hutton.  

  1. 8 lines 
  2. syllables 6/4/6/4/6/4/6/4
  3. rhyme pattern  x a x b x a x b
  4. usually right margined
  5. the only punctuation is an exclamation point the end                               

New Sandals


So hot the sand between

my toes I wish

I had on the sandals

left on the rock

but the tide fast rises

and what a dish

my new sandals will make

   for the salt croc!


©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserve

On an unrelated to poetry forms note, but related to the Challege, here's a picture of one of my cats.  Her name?  Velvet. One might just find a reason to need to know that.  Velvet.

😉  😉



  1. I love these restrictions! I'm going to have to try this one.

    - Allison (https://lightningflashx.blogspot.com/)


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