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Z- Last but not Least

Poor Z Poor Z He’s last again In alphabetic line Poor Z Poor Z He knows the score He thinks it’s asinine If only someday Letters dropped And putting them aright Someone backwards Were to help Then Z would lead the fight! ©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

Y - Yearning

Yesterday, or maybe years ago I searched for truth In sleep In waking hours With sharpened mind or dulled with wine or weed or wandering Three friends we were Far more like brothers in our time of exploration Discoveries of self rejoiced threefold Three paths we later took as even brothers' do The years passed by Passed quickly Passed so slow And now in age and memory the faulted faded past recollects the yearning years The yearning never gratified The truth just out of reach ©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved Poetry prompt to pick seven words from a page in a book.  I was reading Last Girl Gone , by J. G. Hetherton, and my words were sleep, truth, mind, three, friends, explore, and sharpened .