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Untitled - a Waltmarie

Weekly Scribblings #58  My second attempt (best not to talk about my first) at writing a Waltmarie, this week's Weekly Scribblings prompt.         Do not lack the courage To live Nor be long hesitant To love Let your wildest dreams free To soar And your imagination loose To fly Toward a future replete with Wonder ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

Looks Can be Deceiving

 Simply 6 Minutes 110 words, unfinished Oh, I had so much more to say about these cute little guys than six minutes allowed! photo prompt      You don’t fool me, little raccoon!   Looking so cute and pleading to be scooped up!   I know raccoons, and you only look innocent and cuddly.          Take a look at those claws of yours, claws capable of ripping open the belly of a dog that makes the mistake of cornering you in a suburban garage.        I’ve seen raccoons chase people, and you can run 15 mph!      You pull chickens out of their coops, ripping them right through the wires.          I’ve seen ignorant families with baby raccoons in pet carriers, as I learned the futility of convincing pet store employees not to fuss and coo, as you are illegal pets here.        You also carry rabies!     ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

Narcissus in Two

 Weekly Scribblings #57  Our prompts, our inspiration, this week come from the Blackout poetry of Magaly Guerrero.  My choice, "Be an uncrushed flower" image link I To remain uncrushed requires growing off the beaten path. But, I’d rather be rooted along the muddy track of many pilgrims, than on the verge, unscathed.   For what point is beauty   if it remains unseen?   II “Ah, what a beautiful flower this must have been, such a shame to bruise it under our feet,” is still praise. Far better that than multitudes just pass me by with no consideration.   Because, I was so very beautiful and admiration is my due.   ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved