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Magnetic Poetry

Writers' Pantry #76 A few weeks ago a poet shared the link to the online version for those magnetic poetry kits. I became hooked!  There are five "kits" to choose from, as well as a "family-friendly" page. Using the given words (there are quite a few) required a bit of finagling.  I'm sharing some screenshots of what I came up.  Try it!  You may not get the words to write something "great," but you'll have fun!   In this first, I wish I could go back and switch the first line and title. The first few were written with words from the Poetry Kit.   There is a Mustache Poet kit!  Shave was written using the words in that one. ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved  


 Whirligig 324  Prompt words in red. We kept his ashes in a box in the closet. So easy to overlook when we moved . Shoved to the corner of the highest shelf we could reach. Easy to forget , after a few decades of forgetting. Then, remembering, with a pang of heavy guilt.    We meant to scatter him along the trail lined with lupine blooms in early spring, each to share a memory, or writing in his honor, as we held hands together in farewell. However, time escaped us, time moved on, without him. Out of sight. Out of mind.  ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved When I read the prompt words "ashes" and "box," I was reminded of an anecdote told me years ago, by the mother of one of my daughter's friends.   The girl's grandfather had died, and the family had put off for years the purchase of a suitable container for his ashes, or taking them someone to scatter.  "Pops" ashes were in the closet, in a emptied