April Extras

There are so many great prompts this month, as April is National Poetry Month.   April will be over before I have a chance to share some of the poems I've come up with, therefore this April Extras post today.  

These are a few random poems using prompts from skyloverpoetry.  The words are taken from the first list of prompts.  Three lists, mix and match.  I chose one word from each list to include in each poem, but one contains two off one list.

The prompt words are in red.  

🍈   🍈   🍈   🍈   🍈   🍈   🍈   🍈   🍈   🍈   🍈

This first turned out to be a Lune, Kelly version with syllables 5/3/5.


envy is bitter

and pungent

a green honeydew

🐚    🐚    🐚    🐚    🐚    🐚    🐚    🐚    🐚    🐚    🐚

Here I used the word seashell as a noun, rather than the color on the list.  I was unsure what color seashell was meant to be! 

The Seashell


I hold the fragile seashell.

Almost a sacrament,

my hands quaver

with heavy responsibility.

 💮    💮    💮    💮    💮    💮    💮    💮    💮    💮    💮


The goldenrod is

blooming in the wilderness.

Hills aglow with nature’s wonder.

 😉    😉    😉    😉    😉    😉    😉    😉    😉    😉    😉


The intimate innuendo

flushed her cheeks

a quick fire brick red. 

 ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved


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