I - Imayo


Imayo is a Japanese form originally sung in a high voice. Have no fear, I did not put mine to music!  

There are only three rules:

4 lines

12 syllables in each line (You may pronounce some of the words differently than I, using one syllable where I use two, and vice versa.  The way I say the words, the syllable count is correct!)

There is a pause, a split between the first 7 syllables and the last 5 in each line.  (I saw this done by use of dashes, commas, or spaces. I used commas in mine, they could just as easily be dashes.)


The Sunshine Garden

Out in the sunshine garden, the one you built me,

I press seeds into the soil, burgundy cosmos,

zinnia and nasturtium, all your favorites.

Summer days will come and then, butterflies and bees.


©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved



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