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Pure Haiku - theme: Ghostlight

I am honored to have one of my haiku accepted for publication on Pure Haiku .  The theme was Ghostlight, inspired by this fractal image by Troi David Lo.   I, in turn, was inspired by the concept of never-ending patterns, and fractals in plants.. zoom in forever with never-ending patterns spiral, branch, and swirl ©2022 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved   #purehaiku #haiku #syllabicpoetry

The Scent of Lilacs

 The Whirligig # 354 Prompt words in red. photo: pixhere   The world may seem disheveled , crowds in a hot tempered funk . Yet, that is no reason to sulk , or spend your days in cool beer and burning whiskey. A straw in your mouth , the last bit of ice rattle s around in the bottom of the glass of two too many Ruby Tuesdays*.     I raise my head from my hands, and peer through the grimy window.   Look! The purple lilacs are in bloom!   I think I may sink into them and drown in their scent.  ©2022 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved * I know pretty much nothing about alcoholic beverages, but do know beer and whiskey aren't usually served with straws.  Searching for ones that are led me to one called a Ruby Tuesday.  For obvious reasons, I had to use it!   🤣

Sweet Lies - a reverse nonet

Tanka Tuesday No. 257 This week we are offered this photo as inspiration, The Crystal Ball by John William Waterhouse.  Follow the link below to read about this piece.  One interesting fact from its past; a previous owner had the skull painted out! The Crystal Ball by John William Waterhouse My future set within her crystal ball, she alone will read. Interpret signs of love. Please, just that, no bitter woe! If pain or sorrow float therein, with deceptive smile, tell me sweet lies. ©2022 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved  # Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 257 #reversenonet