L - Lune and Lanturne

 Weekly Scribblings #65 : Bird is the Word



I've mentioned Brazilian haiku and Japanese haiku and Israeli haiku, but is there a form of haiku known as American?  Yes!  The Lune.  It was invented by Robert Kelly.  

3 lines

syllables 5/3/5

Later, Jack Collom introduced the word count variant of 5/3/5, which is now the most popular Lune form.

That's it, no other rules.  More freedom, fewer syllables than haiku, and yet this form was more difficult for me than some others.  So few syllables to make the words matter more.   I wrote one of each variety.  The first using the syllable count, the second, words.

What of Love?

of what do we speak

late at night

what love do we seek? 

Trash Talking Bird


Crow sits in the tree

loudly talking trash

to the cat watching below


Lanturne, or Lantern poetry, is considered by some to be a form of cinquain.  It's origin is unknown, although it's possible it's Japanese.  It forms the shape of a Japanese lantern.  Use your imagination, mine don't!  It is sometimes mentioned that each line must be able to stand on its own, making sense in itself.  If that's the case, mine fails.  Also, I read on one site (only one), that the first line describes a noun, the second describes the noun or the noun's action, the third further describes the noun, and fourth even further, and the fifth be another word for the noun.  That's an awful lot of describing a noun!  Not to mention, no other sources give that requirement.  The others all have a sweet and simple two requirement list.

Again, I wrote two.  Yes, crows again!  They are my favorite bird and often keep me company from the top the cedars.

5 lines