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A Pair or Two...

The Whirligig 299 Prompt words in red. Mariah Carey's shoe closet Come into my closet and look at my shoes , Imelda has nothing on me! The last time I counted if I’m not confused I had fifty-four hundred and three.   Several shelves of flat heels and shoes for peeped toes , also those that I wear for a swim . There’s a pair with blue beading and many with laces , plus the dozen I take to the gym.   My lover, dear man, put up such a flap , but, I said it’s all cut and dried . With a lingering look and a roll of his eyes, he declared I was mad, bona fide.   ©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

Leaving Salinas

 Wordle 488   Prompt words in red.   The story behind the poem beneath the poem, if you're interested. not "the" picnic, but a picnic on Stinson Beach                                     Late in the afternoon on a cold Sunday she ate her first date on Stinson Beach. A foreign delicacy from Egygt offered up to a small town girl living in San Francisco. Still , the change was welcome, she’d say , as she was all too happy to fly away from Salinas and the green beans her mother canned, (and later boiled until they were no longer green, but grey and tasteless, afraid of botulism, not trusting even her own hands) that became, too often, with bread, their daily meals. She left behind her a trail of words – her poetry. ©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved   the date seeds     The Story Behind the Poem   This is mostly a true story, my mother’s story.   It may not