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Z - Zeller, Gertrude - "The Birches on Cheyenne Drive"

 We've come to the end of another A to Z.  Congratulations to all who not only made all 26 posts, but all those who attempted to. For my last post, Z, I offer an ekphrasic poem based on a painting I own, with the author name beginnnig with Z, Gertrude Zeller.  The title of the painting is "Birches of Cheyenne Drive," the street on which Ms. Zeller resided.  "Birches of Cheyenne Drive," by Gertrude Zeller - painting in author's collection     The birches on Cheyenne Drive flame this October as they’ve always flamed.   The setting sun lights the sky ablaze. An inferno in the west.   Do you miss our autumns together, watching the sun go down on Cheyenne Drive? Or, alone, are the leaves of Kyoto enough for you? ©2022 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserve

Y - Yellow Jackets

Image Rain slickers Waterproof boots Puddle Seekers   Splash! Splash! Splash!   Picnic pests Seek drips of soda Sugar lovers   Foo! Foo! Foo!    ©2022 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved An explanation of the Foo! Foo! Foo! might be helpful.   When yellow jackets (the wasps, not the puddle jumping boot wearers) would buzz around a picnic, my paternal grandfather would swear by his deterrent of, flat hand, palm down, cutting the air above the insect, and saying, "Foo, foo, foo."  Always three times the "foo."  I think it worked because the air above the yellow jacket was disturbed, so it flew away.  Temporarily.  Read more about wasps on W Day on my other blog,