P - Pictorial

The Pictorial form was created by Emily Romano.  It's a type of shape poem where the entire poem is created with slanting lines.

3 lines (I have no idea how to count lines in a poem that is shaped and wavers up and down!)

5 words or less per line

rhyme included somewhere, internally or line ends (I admit, mine misses there, but there is an internal rhyme within ground and down.)


The Wind


Wind                                                                                    Air to swirl           dance                the     

     Blows                                                                         The                and                   down           road

          The                                                                     Into

               Wet                                                            Up

                    Petals                                              Leaves  

                         To                                         Dry

                             The                             The

                                   Ground           Blows

                                          While wind 


©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

I think I have three lines after all!  

Wind blows the wet petals to the ground

While wind blows the dry leaves up into the air

to swirl and dance down the road



  1. Love this. I'd say you've created a lovely pictorial poem.

    1. Thank you. :) It's not so hard on paper (the shaping, not the words), but trying to get it typed out and sized and then changing the font and losing the shape... that's the hard part! Once it stayed this way I didn't dare make it bigger!

  2. Thanks for sharing this form of poetry, one I've never heard about before but look forward to trying. The picture you chose illustrates your poem, and your poem's words and shape illustrate the picture! Excellent.

    1. Thank you. I like to include a photo, my own if I can. Sometimes it surprises me there are none out there depicting just what I want. I would think leaves blowing in the air would be a common one. Well, maybe if I paid, but I won't!


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