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First Fruits

 Ronovan Writes #411   Prompt words: Fruit and Ripe the first fruits red, ripe, and juicy summer’s best   ©2022 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved #haiku #poetryprompt  #ronovanwrites #syllabicpoetry

Benny - an American Sentence

  The Sunday Muse #211 photo prompt: Benny gazes in the mirror and sees himself as a white Persian. ©2022 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved Benny   

View From a Mountain Top

 Tanka Tuesday No. 274   For my syllabic form this week I chose the  7/5 Trochee.  This form has the following rules: 2 or more four line stanzas (quatrains) syllable pattern 7/5/7/5 rhyme of either a/b/c/b or a/b/a/b (mine is a/b/a/b) meter is "trochee," with is alternating stressed and unstressed beats.  In the 7/5 Trochee each line begins and ends with a stressed syllable.  (which is where I may have come up short!) Photo Prompt: © David, The Skeptic’s Kaddish Far across the valley deep what is that I see? A flash of camera lens, looking back at me! Clear across the mountain tops high above the trees, shall we flash in Morse code a plan to meet for tea? ©2022 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved #tankatuesday #ekphrastic #photoprompt #PoetryChallengeNo.274 #ekphrasis #ekphrasticpoetry #7/5trochee    

Down the Rabbit Hole

This is something I started working on in response to a prompt in April (National Poetry Month).  I don't remember the prompt, or where I got it.  Sorry.   photo credit   Start with a simple question. Straight forward, forward straight. Eyes to the front.  No peeking 'round corners. Keep your mind on the task at hand.     Speaking of hands; watch what they do, they'll try to lead you astray. Hands can be tricky with agendas of their own, fingers itching to click.    Side warrens beckon. Perhaps just one peep. One tiny glance surely couldn't take long.    So,   down we go...   and down we go   the rabbit hole so deep.   An hour or more of wanders, we come out of our fugue. What do we know? What have we learned, on our wandering twisted path?    Will our friends be amazed? Will our families applaud to know wombats poop in cubes? Will their jaws drop in wonder when told of the news that Hitchcock was frightened of eggs?   How will we, after burial news,  ever look at Pring


Tanka Tuesday No. 273   Happy together these purple and orange blooms, ushering in a verdant spring, aglow in bright international flare. Siberian wallflow'r. Persian catmint. Joyful.   ©2022 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved #TankaTuesday #PoetryChallengeNo.273 #butterflycinquain  #cinquainpoetry  #naturepoetry #syllabicpoetry #cinquainpoem