A - American 767 and American Sentence

A brief preface to my A to Z of Poetry Forms for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.  There are many, many more forms than I could possibly include in my posts.  There will be traditional forms, others labeled "invented," which apparently means newer, even though all were invented at some time.  Lastly, some of these forms are new to me, so bear that in mind when you read them!  

I also decided to link with NaPoWriMo, as April is Global and National Poetry Writing Month.  https://poets.org/national-poetry-month In fact, it's the 25th anniversary!  So, I'll be A to Z-ing Monday through Saturday, and Sundays will be bonuses, not necessarily using the NaPoWriMo prompts for that day, but some prompt they gave that week.  (Oh, why did I decide to take more on?  I just got a puppy!)

So, let's get started. 


American 767 

Invented by Dennis L. Dean

3 lines



Must include a bug! (I will assume by "bug" any insect will do, although bugs are only one type of insect.)

squash bugs on ornamental gourd

What Bugs Me? 

I see them again this year

Bold voracious squash bugs

The bane of my prize pumpkin


American Sentence

Considered the American "answer" to haiku, created by Allen Ginsberg

17 syllables written as a sentence

I am not sure if three connected American Sentences is "proper," but it's what I have.



She took down the gilt framed portrait, and never mentioned his name again.


He promised he would always love her, but we all know how that turned out.


Still, she knew she was much better off alone than with a lying cheat.


©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved






  1. I am always eager to learn about forms of poetry other than the few familiar to me. Your posts in April will be doing my research for me. Haiku is my favorite form for writing poetry and the 17-syllable sentence sounds both challenging and interesting. You make it look easy, though.

    1. I picked pretty much the easier forms! I had 26 to come up with, and I did a few for some letters, so didn't want to try to write some of the complicated forms.

  2. Oh my! You are doing two A to Z challenges. I'm impressed! Both are interesting to me. The flowers...that huge purple allium is one I've wanted to plant for years & have committed to do it this fall. Then there is word play. Fun to read. Glad you are along for the ride again.

    1. I'll see if the alliums return this year, they were new to me last. I started finding photos and writing poems months ago!

  3. "Must include a bug" - love it :D I want to invent something like that.
    Happy A to Z!

    The Multicolored Diary

    1. Do! I thought the bug requirement was funny.

  4. Writing poetry every day in April would indeed be a challenge for me. You're off to a great start, though. :)

    Thanks for visiting and checking out my Looney Tunes A-Z Art Sketch for day 1 of ACME Mail Order Catalog on Curious as a Cathy. Happy A2Zing, my friend!

    1. Well, I'm not writing the poems in April! I wrote them already!

  5. Love it - I have sent a link to my sister who is a poet and in Hospital recovering from Covid - it will brighten her day...

    1. Thank you, that's a great compliment. I am hoping for your sister's quick recovery.


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