U - Ukiah

The Ukiah was invented by Robert Ropars.  For obvious reasons, it is frequently referred to as Reverse Haiku.  But, Mr. Ropars has said, in part, "I see some people have played around with variations (calling this a "reverse haiku"), but only changed the syllabic construction.  I think a true "reversal" would also take into account the rhyme aspect."  Isn't it nice that "ukiah" is "haiku" reversed?

The rules are:

- 3 lines

- lines 1 and 3 contain 7 syllables

- line 2 contains 5 syllables

- all lines have the same end rhyme 

While it isn't necessary to write a haiku as well, in his example he did, and I found it a bit easier to do it that way.  




Tulips in the bed

Bloom in hues of red alone

I prefer yellow



Tulips are up in the bed

all in tones of red

I want yellow ones instead 


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    1. I'm not sure about clever! It did help me write the ukiah though.


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