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The Nanny's Tale

Weekly Writing Prompt from:  12 prompt words in red The boy , suffering from some wasting disease I never understood, (and honestly never cared to learn about) was whining again.   My urge to just leave was growing by the minute, as I had been tasked with a distasteful burden. “ Watch Leslie for us while we run up to town for brunch,” his mum had drawled, giving me a brief finger wiggle as she closed the door of the Jag.      “ Leslie ?” Honestly?   In this day and age? Giving their son, already puny and picked on, the name Leslie? And, do you know?   She has never-ever even let me ride in that car, not once.  Slaggy bitch.    I once smeared peanut butter on the door handle.   Guess who got the blame for that ?    As I said, Leslie was whining. Whining Whining Have I mentioned how whining pushes my buttons? It does.    Whining pushes my buttons. Especially the shrill, incessant whining of a coddled child.

Last October

Of all the days in all the months October is the one I’d choose if only one more gifted                     Trees aglow in hues unseen all green-steeped summer long With corn stalks' brittle rustle Gourds and pumpkins line the rails gathered off my vines                 While colors warm and colors bright are nice October’s light is best The sun has shifted Slightly tilted Shadows lengthen as do nights               Give me Autumn if I must choose only one Make it October One long October One last October     ©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved Weekly Scribblings #39: October Thrills Poets and Storytellers United