R - Reverse Word


When I say "Reverse Word" as a form, I do not mean taking a known form and reversing the order of the lines, or syllable count.  The Reverse Word is a form unto itself, invented by Walter E. Feguson III.  There is only one requirement.

You use the word in reverse wherever you would otherwise rhyme.  That is, instead of a rhyme, you spell the word you would have rhymed backwards.  You use a "semordnilap," the backwards of palindrome!  Or, reverse anagram. It's hard to come up with, not only words that spell a word frontwards and backwards, but that make sense! 


Dam(n) Mad


When I lost my keys

There was a reward

When I found them again

They were in my drawer


When losing things

I get so stressed

I want to pig out

On sweet desserts


It’s better to chew

Some spearmint gum

Which I keep on the counter

Inside of a mug


©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved



  1. It took me a moment to understand the concept, but your example was great! :)

    The Multicolored Diary

    1. I didn't quite "get" it at first either. Then, once I did, it was hard to put how to do it in writing! I think it takes seeing an example. The title worked out so well! Fortunately, there are websites that list semordnilaps (oh, but plural isn't one!)!


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