Kwangjang Market (take two)

We'll I'm embarrassed!  I posted my Friday Fictioneers, but had confused it for an entirely different thing, a six minute write!  So, here's Kwangjang Market, edited to 100 words, and without the confusing preface the other post contained!  Thank you for those who commented, and thank you for not mentioning how I was so far over 100 words, and who cares how long it took me!

Photo prompt.
100 words.

Do you know where you’re going?  This market is huge!

I told you there were over 5,000 shops here! 

I want one of those crispy pancake-y things. 


How do you remember all the names? 

Easy!   After your “pancake-y thing,” I’ll get you a sundae.

Are sundaes a thing in Seoul? 

Here!  This is THE best street food in the market!

Oh… my… god… what is that man eating?  It’s moving!

It’s pretty gross, but tasty. It’s tentacles off baby octopus, and the 

suction cups sometimes still grab on when you swallow.

Never mind the pancake. 

No sundae for you! 

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  1. Great descriptions. But I think I'll pass on the food, too.

    1. Sundaes are pronounced differently, but are blood sausage. But, the baby octopus? I can't get over the thought of them still moving, and then how horribly cruel to have cut them off while the octopus was alive! It may be a traditional dish, but that doesn't make it okay with me.

  2. Dear Lisa,

    Never saw the longer version since I'm slow getting around this week. thanks on the baby octopus. I'll take the pancake. Good one.



    1. That's good! I also posted the wrong letter on my A to Z post on my other blog!

  3. Oh geesh! I may never get that picture out of my head! To say that your writing here is picturesque is putting it mildly :)


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