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Music to Die To

 The Sunday Muse #200 It's a special Sunday Muse, as it's the 200th prompt!  It began in Aril 2018, before my participation began (Nov. 2020).  The prompt this week was a choice of some top viewed images from the past four years.  We are also encouraged to tell a little bit about ourselves. Romain Thiery The ghosts come down at two am to pound the ivory keys. With phantasmal steps they do a waltz, no temporal being sees.   If a passerby should pause, and lend a curious ear, to eerie tunes that usher forth, they are doomed to join that sphere.   ©2022 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved Me: Lisa, a California S.F. area native, living in Southern Oregon since 2011.  I'm retired (if I have to check a box as to "what do you do?"), and spend most of my time gardening , blogging, reading , writing poetry, going to thrift stores, and spending time with my dog, Mickey.  My poetry love comes from my parents, especially my father, who was a publis

The Kite

 Friday Writings #15: "After" Another “ a favourite piece of writing, which may be poetry or prose, allow yourself to be inspired by it and share the results with us. We would also like to know, please, ‘after’ whom, or ‘after reading’ what – even if you are working in prose. .. ”*   You’ve slipped from my memory like a kite with a broken string,      I was left holding on to nothing.   I watched as the kite rose higher, higher, higher still.   Growing ever smaller, smaller, smaller yet.   A speck of coral, fading into the vast summer sky,      until even that was gone.   If I squint my eyes just so, I imagine I can see you still.   But, like the kite,      you’re memory is just out of reach. ©2022 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved * Inspired by A Christmas Memory , by Truman Capote.  I've referred to this short story in the past, and probably will refer to it again.  My favorite passage is at the end, w