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The Three Graces

 Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #334 Ronovan Writes words: grace and slip              I              If I slip from grace Will you be there to catch me Replete with mercy?              II        She moved in pure grace Her silk dress but a mere slip His eyes watched her pass              III He liked to slip in His superior knowledge Of Greek goddesses And favored Grace Thalia Goddess of Festivity    ©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

The Stories I Could Tell

 Wordle #484  Prompt words in red. Oh, the stories I could tell!   Black stories , depressing tales of narrow alleys and small bleak basements that suffer for want of sunlight.   Where walls are damp and thick, close, with voices unheard.  The narrow passageway is crisscrossed with yellow crime scene tape , the investigation continues, detectives hold out empty promises and hope, but there hasn’t been a promising lead since the morning after the blood splatter was found on the cold, slick stone wall.     The blood was just to throw them off, muddy the waters, so to speak, or bloody the waters in this case. "This case"… I love my double meaning; it tickles me to be so clever.   I could have been an author instead of what I am.  Yes, the stories I could tell.     ©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved    


Writers' Pantry #48   I gaze out at the gentle snow fall grateful for the warmth behind me blazing fire, crackling logs    brought in before the storm to last the weekend let the snow come you are here with me    safe     ©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved