April Extras

There are so many great prompts this month, as April is National Poetry Month.   April will be over before I have a chance to share some of the poems I've come up with, therefore this April Extras post today.   These are a few random poems using prompts from skyloverpoetry .  The words are taken from the first list of prompts.  Three lists, mix and match.  I chose one word from each list to include in each poem, but one contains two off one list. The prompt words are in red.   🍈   🍈   🍈   🍈   🍈   🍈   🍈   🍈   🍈   🍈   🍈 This first turned out to be a Lune, Kelly version with syllables 5/3/5. Envy envy is bitter and pungent a green honeydew 🐚    🐚    🐚    🐚    🐚    🐚    🐚    🐚    🐚    🐚    🐚 Here I used the word seashell as a noun, rather than the color on the list.  I was unsure what color seashell was meant to be!  The Seashell Pensive , I hold the fragile seashell . Almost a sacrament , my hands quaver with heavy responsibility.   💮  

S - Setina

  The Setina is the form that I struggled with the most.  First off, I found I needed to make a chart to keep the words straight!  Then, I misread the rules and only had 5 stanzas with all 6 words, instead of 6 and had to make a new chart to figure it all out!  It sounds straightforward, and it really is, but you will need be careful! Pick any 6 words (read the rest of the rules first, you don't want to be "stuck" with "sucky" words) 6 words Rotate them as end words in 6 stanzas Then... a last stanza of three lines, using 2 words per line My words were breeze, scent, mountain, air, herbs, and cooling.  I'll tell you, by the time I was done writing it, I was sick to death of those mountain breezes and cooling herbs!  Too much repetition for my taste.  If you see an error, don't tell me.    The theme of the poem works well for today being Earth Day. Breeze from the Mountain I lift my face to feel the bree