Time Slows - Found Poetry

One of my favorite places to "find" poetry is in the monthly Editor's Letter of magazines!  Found Poetry is finding words in other texts and using them in your own poem.  For me, I keep them in order.  You can even spell out a missing word you want, or add an "s" for a plural.  Actually, do what you want, Found Poetry is pretty rule-free!  Sometimes they don't make a lot of sense, and that's okay too.  It's fun.  This Found Poem is from the Editor's Letter in Better Homes & Gardens October 2023.  Yes, I rip them out and save them for later!   Time slows. My senses glide. Days angle, become blue and sweet. Such bittersweet, the first sounds, eerie, unseen. Distance erodes the sea. Run. Move fast. Don’t stop Let something pass by, unnoticed. ©2024 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved 

24 Seasons: Geshi 夏至 (The Summer Solstice) No. 39

24 Seasons Syllabic Poetry Challenge, No.39 The Summer Solstice (June 21 – July 6) Geshi 夏至 " Your syllabic poetry writing invitation is to choose a kigo word or phrase from the seasonal kigo list on the post, or you can choose from the summer category on the 500 kigo word list links below. Share your kigo word on your post. " I chose the kigo words " Strawberry Moon " and " Cicadas ." I gather berries light from the strawberry moon sufficient this dawn loud in the dappled shadows  cicadas buzz their love songs ©2024 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved #tankatuesday #kigo #tankatuesdaypoetrychallenge #tankatuesday24seasons #tanka #syllabicpoetry #cicadapoetry #strawberrymoon  

Petals of Haiku: An Anthology

  Petals of Haiku: An Anthology'  I am pleased and proud to have four of my haiku included in this volume, along with those of so many talented poets.  It's available now on  Amazon in paperback and Kindle. image: Amazon  My favorite of my four published is below. Thanks to Colleen at Tanka Tuesday for her wonderful near year-long "lessons" on kigo words and phrases.  "Geese returning" is a spring season kigo phrase.  I also owe my high school creative writing teacher, Hildegarde Buckette, a thanks, as she impressed upon her students the need to allude to a season, but not use the season word itself. I've always remembered that lesson. I think she'd be pleased.  we sit inside now wait for return of the geese to begin sowing ©2023 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved  The book and original painting of the cover will be displayed in the  Treasure House of the Rinsenji Temple.   Read more about that in this post by the book's editor, Gabriela M

Writer's Workshop Prompts for May 23, 2024 - A Few of My Favorite Things

  Writers' Workshop   Badge by Patty, Here are the prompts for this week’s Writer’s Workshop:      1. Write a post based on the word abundant.      2. Write a post in exactly 9 sentences.      3. If you could take a one-month trip anywhere in the world and money were not a consideration, where would you go and what would you do?      4. Did you ever get in trouble from someone other than your parents? Tell us about it.      5. What are your plans for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend?      6. List your five most recent favorite things. I chose #2 and #6.  unsigned landscape in author's collection I’ll make a list of my five most recent favorite things . And I’ll do it in 9 sentences , as well as nine lines . Fortunately, I went to many yard sales this past Saturday. So, here are my most recent favorite thing s , in no particular order, other than number 1, which is number 1. 1. The landscape painting, show above, is, alas, not signed.

Grounded - a textu

 Poets and Storytellers United Friday Writings #126  "So   the   optional  prompt for this week   is to write a poem – or, if you prefer, a very short piece of prose – as a textu of exactly 160 characters including title and spaces."  The standard limit for SMS (Short Message Service) is 160 characters.)  Textu is a form invented by Fady Joudah.  More difficult than it sounds!   Counting words is simple.  It's not so simple when every space and punctuation mark is counted too!  This is not a reflection on my dislike of the prompt.  I like the prompt.   It's just what came to mind.  image source To place restrictions on our words in verse, or voice, is to allow no freedom of the tongue, nor wings to spread,  take flight, and soar beyond our temporal woes.   ©2024 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

Ohhh, Nooo!

  Friday Fictioneers  " The Challenge: Write a complete story in one hundred words or less. " photo prompt PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz 100 words       If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a hundred times, and it probably has been a hundred times, don’t leave that creepy toy on my chair! I don’t see it until it squawks when I sit on it! Then I’m startled, and dog comes barreling into my office to grab it back.      Yes, I said “creepy”! He’s one weird fella!      You do know he ended up in prison? And that was after he got psychiatric help!      Not the kind of toy I want Goose to play with.      EWWWW… it’s slobbery! Get it out of here, and keep it out!    ©2024 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

A to Z Reflections 2024

  Time for the post A to Z posts post.  That doesn't sound right, but that's what it is.  After the A to Z there is a prompt from the A to Z team called " Reflections ."  I think it's important to participate in this, as the team works hard to bring us this annual April event.   Below are the questions they want to know the answers to, with my answers in   blue .  I have two blogs, and participated in the A to Z with both.  I will post this on both. Reflections is an additional bloghop connected to the challenge. It is a chance to tell the team and the world your thoughts on the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2024. Some points to consider for your reflection post:  😎 Did you win?   Yes!  Did you post an alphabet of letter-inspired posts?   Yes!  Did you HOP to other A to Z participants?   Yes!   Do you believe your blog saw an increase in traffic and comments during April 2024?   Yes, a big increase.   Did you check the MasterList to be sure your entry was