Genie in a Bottle

I am a few days late on the "Early-Bird" prompt for NaPoWriMo.  I am spending my Monday through Saturday posting A to Z poetry forms for my Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, and since Sundays are days of rest for the A to Z, posting a non-alphabetical form  that day to keep up with the poem a day for National Poetry Month, and NaPoWriMo.  My A to Zs won't follow the prompts, unless by coincidence, but Sundays will use some prompt given the previous week. 

I am also linking to the Sunday Writers' Pantry, today #64.

The "Early-Bird" prompt was " spend a few minutes looking for a piece of art that interests you in the online galleries of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.  After you’ve selected your piece, study the photographs and the accompanying text.  And then – write a poem!"

I chose an image of a ceramic pitcher by Emile Muller, after a model by James Vibert, called L'Ivresse, meaning "drunkenness."*&offset=20&rpp=20&pos=29 


Genie in a Bottle  


Is there a Genie in this bottle?

I’d really like to know.

I think I see a glimmer

an eye perhaps,


I emptied out the bottle,

down my throat I poured the wine,

just a bit of muddled thinking,

otherwise I’m fine.


O, Genie precious,

Genie wise!

Have you drowned?

Give me a sign!


If safe, dear Genii,


I will not ask for much.

I think I’m owed at least one wish,

no more than is my due,

for drying out your bottle

and liberating you.



©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved




  1. The tone--and the theme--go so well with the sculpture. I love that the speaker sounds pretty tipsy (if not drunk) and convinced that they've done the genie a great service. I wonder if the speaker is right... and if the genii will, indeed, rise...

    1. Thank you. I thought it looked like he was peeking down to see if there was either a genie, or more to drink! The speaker may just see a genie, whether one's there or not!

  2. I was amused by this one. I'm doing NaPoWriMo in conjunction with the Writers Digest April PAD Challenge. I've never had much success with the A to Z bit so I opted to skip it.

    1. I thought the image was a bit amusing. I suppose he's really just using the jug for support, but he looked like he was looking into it the first time I saw it. I plan my A-Z and start writing well before April!

  3. Oh, that was a fun read! It is an awfully big bottle to have drunk from! When I looked up the image, I imagined the genie himself had got drunk after getting out, and now couldn't find his way back inside (home). Although he didn't look like the usual images of genies, I thought,'Well, to carry out all those tasks, I suppose it makes sense that he's young and muscular.' Where the mind can take one! LOL. Your interpretation makes more sense, I think.

  4. Genie in the bottle
    Thank you for the drink
    I have only the clothes on my back
    May I join you please
    Lisa, this is a fun poem, the fellow clinging seems to be desperate. If only he could tell us his need.
    I am also writing, I tagged day four here today. I might check on your reader group, most of my readers are FB friends who seldom leave comments.

    1. Thanks, it was rather fun. I see you did the road not taken for day 2. I am holding that prompt for possible use next week.

  5. Well why not. Nice one Lisa
    Thank you for dropping by to read mine

    much love

  6. And where does the genie swm now you have emptied the bottle?

  7. Well bless your heart for rescuing that genie! A fun write!

  8. "I think I'm owed at leasy one wish" for freeing the genie from the alcohol bottle. I think every addict is looking for that one wish to be granted, but it can't be, that way...

  9. oh dear, my dear human,
    what have you done to my home?
    all a sudden, there's so much action.
    now to the streets i have to roam.

    a fun read, thank you! :)


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