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Untitled Senryu or Zappai

 Tanka Tuesday #210   prompt words: past and present   Hand in hand this day We go walking together Down memory lane   In the good old days We spent time to choose a gift None of these gift cards     ©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved  

Antithesis of a Gardener

 The Whirligig 303 Prompt words in red. Overgrown and uncut , the lawn was patchy, lumpy and buckled in places.   I wondered when that happened, it wasn’t like that when I moved in.    Inherit a virtual Garden of Eden, take possession of the keys , and within months my brown thumb is obvious to all.   I can faintly hear the worms and ants whispering together in their tiny underground tunnels, in their tiny underground voices, “ It’s so dry down here, hasn’t she ever heard of sprinklers ?”   In my defense, although why I feel the need to defend my inaction to things that live in dirt, I held off watering thinking the rain would be enough.   So I was wrong.   Sue me, worms!     Maybe the yard will become a mini dust bowl, wind blowing topsoil dust devils down the street.   Even the birds have abandoned me.   The empty feeders may have something to do with that.     I think I was born to be an apartment dweller.      ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved