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Crow and Moon - Five Very Brief Poems

Writers' Pantry #72   photo prompt: The Sunday Muse #162     Crow, or idea of Crow. Moon's interpretation. Crow admires. Crow-in-moon admires back. a moon a crow my soul is filled   Crow and Moon meet in reflection, their own counsel to keep.  Crow, speak to me, tell me secrets of the moon. ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

Two Prompts in One

 Tanka Tuesday #227 prompt: travel/journeys Weekly Scribblings #71 prompt: " Please write about waiting. " I was inspired to write this by the many news items about the baby bison in Yellowstone recently who got tired and lay down to nap in the road.  A herd of cows circled the little one to keep it safe while it slept.  Vehicles lines up both directions, and amazingly no one honked or tried to drive on.  I couldn't find an image to use legally, so here's a link to the video.   It's adorable. One last thing, I ran my 4th line through two syllable counters (one SodaCoffee) and both gave me 7.  I thought it was 6, but I'll go with what is used on Tanka Tuesday!   baby bison naps in the middle of the road take a breath - downtime on-time arrival scrubbed  Instagram story awaits   ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved      

"Who Was Your Servant Last Year?"

Weekly Scribblings #70: Listmania Prompt: "... compose either a list poem or prose piece that incorporates the idea of a list ." I have never written a list poem.  Most of the examples I read were rather boring, and read pretty much like lists.  I have not read the other poems linked to Weekly Scribblings, and expect to find them quite poetic.  Mine?  It reads like a list!  Not my favorite form. If the kitchen sink is empty, it’s too late for maid service,                                                                   wash your dishes yourself.   The kitchen’s closed when the dishes are done,   the cook is off, only self-service is available.   Do NOT leave dirty dishes in the sink for me to find in the morning.   Do not put the juice container back in the ‘fridge with ½” remaining. The above applies to iced tea, milk, soda, lemonade,                                                               and all other beverages.