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Noble Gases

This is an A-Z Blogging Challenge reject poem for the letter N! You'll see why I went with another poem after reading! NOBLE GASES Oxygen to Nitrogen “Get a load of them” Pointing to the other six, in the right hand, farthest hem. “What makes them act so noble? Group Zero’s what I say! Noble, bah, just take a look They’re posers clear as day!” “I hear they used to shun us. So pure, untainted, chaste. Pretending not to mingle, like we were just mere waste.” “That neon, good for nothing, but lighting up the signs, of bars and other places with drinks and beer and wines.” “Argon is no better, thinks he’s pure hot stuff. We’re a lot more common, I say we call his bluff.” “Oh, helium is just a hoot, he blows up kid’s balloons! Oh, sure he says he’s rocket fuel, I call that stewing prunes!” “Now radon predicts earthquakes, Which does sound pretty neat. He also helps treat cancer, So, radon’s fairly sweet.” “A


the days they never end and yet they must as night does follow day after day after day after day even as I wish it were not so but rather to curl up in my sorrow and sleep and sleep and sleep ‘til perhaps the day will never dawn to remind me ©2019 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

The Distance Between Us

You sit there I here A table’s breadth A city’s width A continent divides More than distance’ measured miles More than minutes timed An endless horizon of broad plains and prairies barren salt flats frozen tundra A train uncouples A mountain cleaves the foghorn sounds its warning too late You sit there I here yet, there’s a vast gap of empty between there and here Special thanks to EAN. ©2019 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

Blogging from A-Z April Challenge Reflections - or, how'd it go?

Now that I've successfully completed the A - Z Blog Challenge ( ), posting each day (except Sundays) in April, it's time for a Reflections post.  Time to sit back and think about how it went, what was good, what could have gone better, and what blogs I enjoyed visiting. One, I wanted to do something quite different from last year (A-Z of Gardening), as well as something more of a stretch (beyond my regular garden blogging).  I accomplished both by starting a new blog for original poetry, just for the challenge!  I posted twice before the challenge to set the stage, as it were.  I wouldn't have created a poetry blog without the challenge, and wouldn't have written 26 new poems!  I enjoy writing poetry, but seldom for sharing (other than high school and college courses), so this was a bit scary.  Two, I regularly read more blog posts than I normally would have.  I had my favorites I'd check regularly each morning.   Several were blogs I