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Those Horrid Age Spots

Writers' Pantry #94  This is the last Writers' Pantry... but not the last of Poets and Storytellers United!  Writers' Pantry (Sunday's promptless) and Weekly Scribblings (Wednesday prompt) will be combined after today into one Friday event (promptless or prompt, poet's choice). My lament on the state of my hands began with my actually wondering when the spots appeared, but the poem is much exaggerated! photo found on Pinterest, no credit given When did the skin on my hands get so thin?   When did the “age spots” of advertisements begin?   When did they turn to an old lady’s hands?   When did the hourglass run short of sands?   And they ache in the cold! When did that start?   They’re stiff in the morning! I’m falling apart!   When did all of me suddenly age?   When will my story turn the last page?   ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved    

A Rare Seed

 The Whirligig #342 Prompt words in red. Love is a rare seed . Cultivated in rich compost , with a supportive habitat , not only will love survive , it thrives, and ripens under the heat of your care. Admire the beauty it produces, as the colors of the sea at sunset. Taste the fruit, the sweet reward of a job well done. Cherish your love , weed out crude words, and love will live a lifetime.   ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

Horses for Christmas

  Weekly Scribblings # 93   “ …write about something  you  really enjoyed in childhood – a toy, a book, a place, a movie – anything that held a place in your heart back then. ” Horses. Just horses. No dolls or puzzles please. Plastic or metal, and on a stick to ride.   Horses. Just horses. Paint-by-number foals, and decks of cards, with wild mustangs on the backs.   Horses. Just horses. Ceramic for my shelf. No tea sets, or swing sets to play in the yard.   Horses. Just horses. That’s all that I want, in my stocking and under the tree. Tell grandma to send in her annual box…   Just Horses!   ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved   ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

Four Brief Poems

 Tanka Tuesday # 249   Four brief poems on the theme prompt "kindness."  Three are new-to-me invented forms, one is a zappai.   My kindness to you is that they are brief, as new forms take some practice before getting them "right!" 🍁   🍁   🍁   🍁   🍁   🍁   🍁   🍁   🍂   🍂   🍂   🍁 Kindness shows herself Sweetest of all the graces Gentle, merciful 🎃   🎃   🎃   🎃   🎃   🎃   🎃   🎃   🎃   🎃   🎃   🎃   A Cadence poem, invented by Ella Cunningham. (7 lines, 1/2/3/4/4/8/5, no rhyme, strong end words no prepositions or articles.) Kind mercy is loving compassion’s milk. The giving heart never looks out for own int’rests, but freely given.  🍎   🍎   🍎   🍎   🍎   🍎   🍎   🍏   🍏   🍎   🍏   🍎   🍎 The short-but-sweet 2 line poem, 4 syllables each line,  For-Get-Me-Not , by Viola Gardner.  Kindness a grace Mercy embrace      🍃   🍃   🍃   🍃   🌬   🌬   🌬   🍃   🍃   🍃   🍃   🍃   🍃 The Brevee , Marie Adams,  has 6 lines, 2/2/4/2