Where Does the Time Go?

Three Things Challenge #419

 Today's words: 


Have you ever drawn yourself up with a shake of the head to find time has moved rapidly on while you missed mailing the already overdue bill and the dog peed on the rug at the back door and the breakfast dishes still soak in the now cold water in the sink and the doctor’s office is already closed so you can’t refill your meds ‘til Monday and you wonder why you printed those recipes and ask yourself how will the knowledge of wombat’s square poop benefit you and how could you have spent that long looking at strangers’ Instagram posts scroll after scroll after scroll and isn’t this Tuesday and wasn’t Tuesday the day you needed to get that report in or was that Monday and you can’t check because your   phone ran out of   charge several hours-felt-like-minutes ago?

The world needs goggles, like those blinders horses wear, to keep us on track.  They’d bolt behind our heads and every morning we’d program them to limit access to only the necessary tasks of the day.

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