Ice Dragons

 Weekly Scribblings #46

Poets and Storytellers United

Oh, dear...   I really meant to write more of an upbeat holiday poem, but it took a different turn and wouldn't come back.  Words do that.  Still, the narrator is remembering happy times, so there is that.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

The shifting  of the Yule log

breaks the silence of the room,

recalls me to the past,

the last Christmas spent with you.


Uninvited memories

I should have locked away,

spark and reignite emotions,

fan the flames within my heart.


Snowy walks together

hand in gloved clad hand,

we puffed frozen fire,

breath of the Ice Dragons.


Eyelashes frosted, noses numb,

we returned laughing to the house

to sit before this once warm hearth

to plan our bright New Year…


…which never came for you.

I sit alone before the embers now,

searching for remembrance in the coals,

until I fall into a restless slumber.


I wouldn’t trade that day for aught,

although my heart burns still

with grief so hot it never will

be extinguished,


even by an Ice Dragon.  


©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved




  1. Some memories, no matter how painful, we just don't want to let go of. Nothing wrong with that, I think. They keep coming back to us as reminders that we are not there, but here. And for that, we can celebrate.

    1. That's true. I suppose we don't really want to completely forget, even if the words of Christina Rossetti in her poem "Remember" are some of my favorites. It ends,
      "Better by far you should forget and smile
      Than that you should remember and be sad."

  2. Oh my, this tugged at my heartstrings for sure .... beautifully composed, beautifully rendered.

  3. A golden memory to assuage the pain of loss. Well penned!

  4. A beautiful poem of grief and loss... Hugs !

  5. grief is the never ending ember ~

    1. True, and you put it so poetically! Perhaps you can use that!

  6. The sweet imagery makes the pain of the loss that much sharper at the end. It's a very touching piece.

  7. Masterfully delivered, Lisa. Frozen fire breath from Ice dragons...awesome imagery. Now I have to get up off the floor. Thanks a bunch.

  8. I like the ice dragons in this, Lisa. So sad to recall, but an ember memory.

    1. Thank you. I like that phrase, and "ember memory."


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