Three Things Challenge #406

A daily challenge consisting of three words, perhaps related, perhaps not. 

Today's words:




photo by Lisa Smith Nelson*

I come to this garden to pray,

and to think. 

I bring a small paper bag of scratch from the feed store

to toss to the birds.

They gather, cooing,

jostle for position

at my feet.

Only scratch.

Bread crumbs

fill them up with emptiness,

like life without this garden.

Emptiness, a life of crumbs.

Without prayer.

Without thought.

I throw my cares aloft as crumbs.

The pigeons feed.

I am fulfilled.

  ©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

*I took this picture of pigeons in a grocery story parking lot.  Someone had given them chunks of what looked like hotdog buns.  Please, never feed wild birds bread, it's just empty calories that fill them up.  This especially goes for ducks.  You can usually buy hen scratch in bulk at a feed store.  Or pigeons can eat plain (unsalted, unbuttered) popcorn.


  1. This is lovely Lisa. Thank you for joining in and making such good use of the prompt words.

    1. Thank you, for your kind comments, welcome, and for hosting this! I love Maggie. I have a Border collie x too, Boo. His dad was a Heeler. I had a heeler x springer when Boo was young.


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