By His Grace

Weekly Writing Prompt #291 from

Prompt words in red.


Oppressive summer air

pressed down on my grief,

distilled to its simplest form,

which is agony.

The light of dusk faded away,

reminded me of

my wish to escape,

by God’s Grace,

to take wing

be done.

As His courteous guest

I never complained

at my lot in life,


I drew a short stick.

 ©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved


  1. I never complained at my lot in life,
    although I drew a short stick

    Never having to complain is the best policy. It has been said, if one were to complain there will always be something to complain about. It dogs one's life with little inconveniences being surmountable but yet get highlighted Great message Lisa!



    1. It's the little things that add up, and can break the camel's back, as they say. It's harder to put up with them, as it seems we should be able to do something about them. Thanks for you comment!

  2. Curiously I was quite pleased to read your piece as I took the same path! I tried to think of something less morbid but the words came good. Personally I have been avoiding any short sticks!

    1. Sometimes the words just fall into order, don't they? Your use of the words turned out just beautifully, moving.

  3. It is painful to know we have drawn the short stick..hopefully in time we can find a better one

    1. Yes, but some people just seem to choose to keep it and complain, I think. Use it as an excuse for their failures. I don't believe any of us start out with a stick a certain length! We make of our lives what we do along the way.


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