Don't Feed the Squirrels!

 Simply 6 Minutes

T. S. Eliot may have written

 but, let me tell you, six minutes speed by when you are timed, especially this week!  

72 words (unedited)

photo prompt

thumbs_05.jpg (575×455)

I met a squirrel out in the park

Who was so awfully cute

I didn’t want to share my lunch

I tried to make him scoot

He walked along and trailed me

until I stopped to eat

he climbed upon a nearby branch

begging for a treat


I had a bag of hazelnuts

I held one in my mouth

I saw how sharp his teeth were then

And wanted to head south!

  ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved


  1. I love it! Wow, to get this to work in your poem is awesome. Thank you for participating again!

  2. Replies
    1. Well, I can't comment on your comment, as your image is covering it, but I appreciate you stopping by to read and leaving a comment! The same on my phone. Did you change your profile photo recently?


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