What Price Fame?

 The Whirligig 300

Prompt words in red.

photo: D Sharon Pruitt link

His pulse races, he

plucks up courage.

A double leap and he

takes flight!


He seems to

float in the air,

then plummets



Sharp gravel and

blood on barefoot,  he

grins and bears it

for the camera.


Close shaves

are his bread and butter.

Social media of course; he’s

in the frame for fame!

  ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved




  1. I love how your imagery runs so fluidly in this poem

  2. Let's hope he achieves old age which for him may be close to 60!

    1. You're being quite generous letting him go that long! We read about social media "influencers" all the time, dying doing stupid stunts to post. I'm never surprised, and always think, "Well, what did you expect?"


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