The Covidiot and the Doomscroller

Weekly Scribblings #48

Poets and Storytellers United

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The Covidiot

A covidiot

Coughing in the checkout line

Laughs when a man frowns



The Doomscroller 


I guess I am a doomscroller

‘though I’d never heard the term.

I’m addicted to Trump’s Twitter,

full of lies you can confirm.


I’m in it for the comments,

the memes and funny quotes.


Supporters can’t accept the truth,

it really gets their goats.


I'm not saying I will miss it

when January comes


As Biden takes the White House

while they’re sitting on their thumbs.  

     ©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserve

image of COVID-19 virus with mask:


  1. Priceless! My son works in a supermarket 'at the front of the store' sees every kind of covidiot out there! And I am guilty to the occasional doom-scroll as well.
    This too shall pass. Cheers.

    1. It will, it's just so hard to be patient.

    2. Where I've been the cashiers *are* the Covidiots. (Hardly surprising; they're selected for extroversion.) My funny cough with pericarditis, and CVD cousin's cardiac emergency, both followed exposure to one Covidiot who *pressed change into my hand.* I'd been tolerating that (though I've always found it stupid and tedious) for 30 years. No more!

  2. I'm pretty sure I know that cougher! I'm also sure I'm often the one frowning his way, in disbelief (and enraged).

    I can't say that I don't appreciate the memes this year has birthed. I think they are the only thing keeping me from totally losing is. Thank goodness for creative people with a healthy sense of dark humor.

    1. I should limit myself to frowning. I end up raising my voice and making a scene!

  3. Life will be more difficult for the late night talk show hosts, who have had such fodder in the Trumpet's tweets! Loved your poem.

    1. Thank you. Yes it will cut into their material, but it's a loss I'll gladly take!

  4. Yeah, the meme makers have given me life this year (these last 4 years really). I am looking forward to a time when humor isn't mixed with existential dread though.

    1. It got so you couldn't do much buy laugh. Nervously, but still.

  5. Neat Senryū, Lisa. I sometimes get obnoxious and shove my mask up and have a coughing spell very near to one not masked. Our daughter taught us this, that is the way she keeps them away.


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