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“One day, you’ll be just a memory for some people.  Do your best to be a good one.”

Really, is that supposed to motivate me?  I suppose someone in one of your self-help seminars told you that.  It sounds more like a threat to a child.  “Now, be good.  One day you won’t be around and you’ll want your descendants to remember you well. Scary.” 

“Isn’t that important to you?  Live your life so after you’re dead no one can say anything bad about you?  What’s wrong with that?”

Sigh… I really don’t care what anyone thinks of me NOW, while I’m alive.  You really think I’d care what anyone thinks of me when I’m dead and gone?  Dead, gone, in the grave, and rotted away!  When you’re gone don’t you want my memory of you to be more than corrections, Miss Manner’s lessons, and platitudes?  You sound like some Southern Bell from days of yore!  White gloves, proper spoon usage, smiling when your heart is breaking.  And I do know your heart is breaking.  Don’t lecture me about making good memories for others.  Dad didn’t leave you for nothing, you know.

“I do know!  But, how others will remember me is all I have!   That’s the way I was raised.  I wish I could be more like you, not caring.  My generation cared about appearances.  Outward appearances.  Trim lawns.  Clean floors.  High heels to the grocery store.  Smiles… 


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  1. Lisa, that's a great story and very realistic! I love that she says she doesn't care what people think now, so who cares when she is gone. Thanks for participating!

    1. Well, it's true you can't hurt the dead, so there's no reason not to "speak ill of them," if warranted, I guess! I do believe we should be good examples though, especially to children. They see so many poor ones.


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