Forgotten Saints

 Weekly Scribblings #49 

I took the simple route and used alliteration, with S.  I'll face the other repetitions another time!  

Somewhere south of Saint Stephens

up the street from the shop,

stands a statue of someone

where few seldom stop.


Some say it’s Sebastian

or Servant of Mary.

Strollers simply stroll by

the small statuary


Saint-like in stature

the sculpting is fine,

its station a mystery,

lacking a sign.


Smoothed by the seasons

sleet and sunshine,

it’s set on a structure

not quite like a shrine.


Solo it stands

on this soggy sad site.

The lost statue of someone,

stone marble of white.


    ©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserve

Nothing to do with the poem, but while looking for a suitable image I ran across this beaut I wanted to share!  

A naked child strangling a duck.

Don't try to tell me that that duck is just being hugged, look at the look on its face, its tongue sticking out!  And look at that look on the child's face, pure grim determination to strangle that duck.  

Here it is from another angle... 

Images on Pixabay.


  1. You did a good job with your alliterative S!

    And oh, I do agree about that child and duck.

    1. Thank you! Isn't that duck and child an odd choice for a grave?

  2. I completely agree with Rosemary and really enjoyed your poem.

  3. What a satisfying read this poem is.

  4. Ssssssscary sweet little kiddies !

    1. When you put it that way I see how ominous SSSSS are!

    2. I enjoyed your sibilant poem, Lisa, and would be interested to know which St Stephens this is – is it in Dublin? A ‘statue of someone where few seldom stop’ is very poignant, because that someone must have been important when it was sculpted, to either the sculptor or the person/people who commissioned it. I especially love that it has been ‘Smoothed by the seasons / sleet and sunshine’.

    3. I picked the name from a church in CA where my brother worked as the sexton. The rest is fictional. I doubt you meant Dublin, CA, which is actually near where my family used to live, but not where the church is.

  5. She may be strangling her duck, but she thinks she is hugging it so nicely.. At first I though she was helping force feed the ducks. Poem is great, isn't alliteration great!!

    1. Alliteration is so fun! Although choosing to use it along with rhymes was more time consuming, and I couldn't use the words I wanted all the time!


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