The Fog

 Weekly Writing Prompt 297

Prompt words in red.

Death comes as a shape in the fog.

A disguise.

Perhaps a butcher,

to sweep the bloody sawdust

in the dimness of the shop.

Or a minister of righteousness,

to fear

or follow,

with sidelong, narrowed glances.

Looks intended to hurt,

to pain the conscience,

cut through the marrow

to our very souls. 

Oh, yes!

Death will come,

his mask a grin,

his disguise impeccable,

glorious even.   


©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved



  1. A wonderful use of the prompt words

    1. Thank you. I enjoyed what you did with them, continuing the lovely story, although darker today with the butcher and bloody sawdust! We both saw that image!

  2. Death is a tricky person to deal with. You can avoid him for bit but he will find a way to get you in the end!


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