Wake Up, Santa!

Ronovan Writes Prompt Challenge Holiday Special

Prompt: 'Santa arrives at the home of Harry Potter where the Potter children have left cookies and milk for Santa to eat. He does. What happens next?'

500 words or less - mine is 167  

The cookies were laying

all warm on their plate,

while the children were hoping

Santa wouldn’t be late.


As they slumbered away

in sugar-plum land,

Santa came calling,

bulging sack in his hand.


After filling the stockings

with candy and toys,

Santa unpacked the presents

for Christmas morn joys.


Then setting himself

in a chair by the treats,

Santa picked up a cookie

to have Christmas eats.


With his big belly full,

his eyes started to shut.

A short little nap,

then he had to be up.


A few hours later

snores filled up the house.

So creatures were stirring,

and not just a mouse!


Harry came down the stairs

to a very strange sight.

There Santa sat sleeping

in broad Christmas light!


“Santa!  Oh, Santa!

Your work here is done!

You’ve got to get moving,

Christmas Day has begun!”


Helping ol’ Santa onto the grate,

and tossing a handful of Floo*

Harry thought to himself as the glow disappeared,

“So the legend of Santa is true!”


©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved


*Floo: Floo powder, a magical powder used in the wizarding world to travel from fireplace to fireplace, via the “Floo Network.”




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