Y - Yearning

or maybe years ago
I searched for truth

In sleep
In waking hours
With sharpened mind
or dulled
with wine or weed
or wandering

Three friends we were
Far more like brothers
in our time of exploration
Discoveries of self
rejoiced threefold

Three paths we later took
as even brothers' do
The years passed by
Passed quickly
Passed so slow

And now in age
and memory
the faulted faded past
recollects the yearning years

The yearning never gratified
The truth just out of reach

©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

Poetry prompt to pick seven words from a page in a book.  I was reading Last Girl Gone, by J. G. Hetherton, and my words were sleep, truth, mind, three, friends, explore, and sharpened. 


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