24 Seasons: Shosho 小暑 (The Beginning of Midsummer: Growing Heat) No. 42

                   24 Seasons Syllabic Poetry Challenge, No. 42   

The Beginning of Midsummer: Growing Heat (July 7 – 21) 

Shosho 小暑

 "This week for #TankaTuesday we’re in the season of the Beginning of Midsummer in the Northern Hemisphere as we follow the 24 Seasons of Japan.  Your syllabic poetry writing invitation is to choose a kigo word or phrase from the seasonal kigo list on the post, or you can choose from the summer category in the Northern Hemisphere, and the winter category in the Southern Hemisphere. Choose from the kigo word list below, or the 500 Kigo Word List."

I chose Growing Heat from the kigo word list.  The heat where I live isn't growing, it's already fully grown well beyond summer's usual, and the first wildfire of the season has brought smoke to the valley.

A Hell of a Summer 

Smoke arrived early this summer, dragged along on the heels of the heat.  You could even say “ungodly heat,” infernal,  but perhaps that’s discounting the heats of Hell.  Although, let’s be honest, no one’s ever taken the temperature down there, so, who’s to say?  Open the door and get hit with a searing blast from the abyss.  Fire and brimstone.  No denying climate change here.  Stay indoors, let the plants save themselves. 

time of growing heat 

the garden withered and brown

no bush beans this year  

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  1. This is a scary poem ...yes the climate
    has changed 💜

  2. I know just what you mean about letting the plants fend for themselves. The rain has been enough so far for them. Lots of things did not get planted this year, and probably just as well for the more temp-sensitive ones. The cactus is thriving, which says something.

  3. (Jules) I have to get up early... to water my herbs and tomatoes or there would be none. We've had weeks of blistering heat. Some relief... but next week it is supposed to be hot again.

  4. I remember this unrelenting heat from when we lived in Montana and out west. It was miserable! Take care and stay cool. 😎

  5. I love the voice in your poem! I'm with you - stay indoors (unless I can be at the beach...lol).

    Yvette M Calleiro :-)


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