The Wasteland - haiku

 Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge is a new one for me.  In school I was taught “traditional haiku,” where a season was just suggested using "season words," but not specifically mentioned by name.  So, I am breaking those “rules” here, and yes, it bothers me a bit, even 45 years later.  Wow… 45 years.  Mrs. Buckette would be proud her lessons stuck!

 Here's my take for #328, using the words "dust" and "weed."


No rain in four months

The Drought lasts all Summer long

Just Weed, Dust, and Death

 ©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved




  1. Nice one Lisa
    Happy Sunday, thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday today


  2. Nice. More and more I've been trying to lean toward the seasons with my haiku, and even make the prompt words a bit more season friendly.

    1. It's just my old fashioned way! I feel all the older realizing it was 45 years ago I took that first poetry class. The teacher retired and went on to write and publish some interesting novels. She's still living in Northern CA as far as I can tell online.


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