My Street

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My street



sagging rooftops along

the overcrowded close.

Freight trains shivering

the smeared back windows of the dull flats.


Trees, unable to see the sun,

lose their will to grow,

lose their leaves,

and give up.


Children, unable to leave

lose their will to play,

lose their youth too soon,

and give up caring.


Adults, unable to care,

lose their memories of better days,

lose their will to try,

and don’t give a damn.


As evening descends,

I see swallows swooping.

I want to follow them

and expand the margins of my life.

  ©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved


  1. It is so sad that when a virus like this affects the world each country (or even state) chooses to tackle it their own way or sometimes ignore it supposing it to be not that important. But sadly some countries are like that, considering profit more important that peoples lives. Well you do get a chance to vote soon!

    1. Oh, yes! And I WILL be voting! Oregon has only vote by mail, and it works well, despite the lies to the contrary.


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