Q - Queens and Kings and Royal Riddles


Guess what the King holds behind his back.
An apple?
An ace?
Perhaps a Jack?

The Queen plays the game to humor him.
A boat?
A goat?
A fifer slim?

A rampaging rhino?
A dangerous sword?
The royal housemaid?
A ball of snow?

A dozen ducks?
 A thorny rose?
A pig in a poke?
Or the magistrate’s clothes?

The Princess' pony?
 A blue china plate?
The Dalmatian dog
that jumped over the gate?

As her guesses grow wild
and wilder still
the King,
his smile grows wider.

Guess what the King holds behind his back.
An orange?
An axe?
Her answers all lack.

What does the King hold behind his back?

Why… nothing!

©2019 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved


  1. I hope she gets back at the king for the bad prank... :D I like the list of things, though!

    The Multicolored Diary

    1. She probably does. She plays along with him, so knows his little ways!

  2. Lisa,

    The little girl is a quick thinker coming up so many guesses to what the King had stashed behind his back but I certainly did I see that ending coming!

    Thank you for checking out Atlantica's QUEEN, Athena, & the Little Mermaid's mother in Friday's post, A2Z Little Mermaid art sketch 'Queen'. Happy a2zing, my friend!

    1. Going with the silliness of her guesses, I didn't think it made sense for him to order, "Off with her head!"


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