M - Magpie


Their parents never noticed
The blood in the flat
They were ambitious
Both doctors, fixated on their surgery
While the children popped pink pills
And imagined seven magpies outside the terrace windows.

(This poem is the result of the poetry prompt to turn to page 29 of a book I was reading, and write a poem incorporating seven words I noticed.  I was reading Magpie Murders, by Anthony Horowitz, and my words were: parents, noticed, blood, flat, ambitious, surgery, and pink.  Seven magpies is in reference to the nursery rhyme “One For Sorrow," where the number of magpies seen predicts luck.  Seven is for a “secret never to be told.”)

(Referring to Friday's “Love Letters,” did you find the “trick?” 
Many of the words in the poem contain the word “love!”)

©2019 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved


  1. Oh this is fabulous, and I love it on so many levels. What a great prompt to create from, and what an excellent job you did. I have a great love for corvids and so magpies are a favorite. And now you've added a new book to my always increasing to-read list. How fun.

    1. Thank you! Even though it came as the result of a prompt, it's actually one of my favorite of the A-Zs. I too love corvids. I don't have magpies, but love the crows that sit in my cedars, watching me and making odd chirpy noises! I talk back to them!

  2. We are in the crow camp here in Northern Michigan. This post is a great response to a prompt. So nice to have a jumping off point..then we fly. The popping pills thought is very interesting. Well done!

    1. Thanks.
      It is nice to have a prompt now and again. I believe I used three for this challenge. As, you say, as a jumping off point. Something to get us over that first step!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you.
      Oh, Roscoe's "Mam!" How nice of you to stop by! I am Ralph Piggum's "Abuelita." She's the one who pees on cuddle cups!


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