Such a Strange June

Tanka Tuesday No. 278 


tanka prose - idyll 

I'm working in the garden, weeding, pruning, the ordinary tasks for summer’s approach.  Heat on my head, as I’ve forgotten the hat I’d promised to wear.  It’s sitting on the dowry chest in my bedroom where I can’t miss it, yet so often do.  Skies suddenly darken. Sprinkles begin to dot the deck with splotches, reminding me of the markings on a dog I once had.  Soon the clouds fully open and release a deluge.  I race for the house, calling my now-dog to follow.  Yarrow flattens. Poppies bow their heads. Gutters overflow.  Tomorrow, with the sun dazzling through the cleansed air, the garden will glister. 


late spring flowers bloom

heedless to the warming days  

a sudden shower

cool sips for the thirsty soul

serenity in nature


©2022 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved


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  1. Wonderful Tanka Prose, Lisa! 💕🙂

  2. Great descriptions and beautiful pictures. :)

    1. Thank you very much. I had a dog who played with that overflow, snapping and "drowning" himself. We called it The Gutter Game.

  3. Lisa, this was fabulous. You captured the magic of a sudden rainstorm perfectly. Loved this!! <3

  4. Beautiful tanka prose, Lisa


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