The Bridge

 The Whirligig 311

Old Perrine Bridge over the Snake River, Idaho ©1967 W.D. Smith

Prompt words in red.

     He sat in the silent house, his face stiff, some might even say stony, as he read, signed, and dated the document.
     Leaving it precisely in the center of the desk blotter for later, he slipped on his jacket, picked up his walking stick, and stepped out into the morning. 
     With no deviation from his usual routine, he turned right toward the river walk.  He paused for the passing autos at the corner crosswalk.  It wouldn’t do to meet his maker quite yet, therefore, he would wait and resume this last stroll once the light was green.

     You have to admire his dedication to traffic safety while on his way to jump off the bridge. 

 ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved


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