Narcissus in Two

 Weekly Scribblings #57

 Our prompts, our inspiration, this week come from the Blackout poetry of Magaly Guerrero. 

My choice, "Be an uncrushed flower"


To remain uncrushed requires

growing off the beaten path.

But, I’d rather be rooted

along the muddy track of many pilgrims,

than on the verge,



For what point is beauty 

if it remains unseen?



“Ah, what a beautiful flower this must have been,

such a shame to bruise it under our feet,”

is still praise.

Far better that than multitudes

just pass me by

with no consideration.


Because, I was so very beautiful

and admiration is my due.


©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved


  1. I love how you honored, respected the flower ... brava!

  2. If the choices are experiences that mark us or no experience at all... I, too, would choose the crushing path.

    1. I remember a poem I read in high school (and wrote in a notebook I still have) by Kahilil Gibran about a sheet of white paper not wanting to be written on, and ended up pure and clean forever, and empty.

  3. What is life without experience? We need to be on the crushing path, whether we think we are beautiful or not. There is always someone who can see the beauty of the soul.

  4. I'd rather take my chances on the path than standing by and missing life!

    1. Some people worry too much and miss out, I think.

  5. Loving this, Lisa. Immediately I was reminded of finding a four leaf clover on its plant growing in a crack in a Killarney, Ireland, sidewalk.

  6. A very thoughtful poem! And I like the Kahilil Gibran "white paper" comment.


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