The Cat Lady

Simply 6 Minutes 

176 words, unfinished

photo prompt

MOM!  There’s a cat at the back door!

Have you seen it before?

No, it’s looks a little like Sweetums, but smaller.

Great.  Give her some water and see if she's hungry.  But she can’t stay.  I am NOT having four cats!  I wasn’t supposed to have three!

Ah, look how friendly she is.  And hungry too.  She must be lost.

I’ll look on Craigslist.  Take her picture and I’ll put a “found” post up.  Put her down!  She can’t come in, the other cats won’t like it!  Stay out here with her until I check….

Okay, no lost calicos.  I called the vet and they said we could bring her down and they’d scan for a chip.   Put her in the carrier.  She is awfully cute and friendly, isn’t she?  DO NOT take her out, leave her alone.  Someone lost her.  She’s someone’s cat.  She can’t stay here. 

Why do cats keep showing up?  I cannot keep them all!  I am NOT a cat person!  I like dogs!  Why can’t stray puppies wander up to… 


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