"Live From the Shop"*

 Friday Fictioneers 

"The rules are simple: Write a Complete Story, Beginning, Middle & End in 100 words or less"   

photo prompt:

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

100 words

I don’t quite understand

how this business was planned.


I can buy glasses to fit my face,

and look at frames, to the sound of the bass?


It’s all so odd,

perhaps a bit “mod,”

for my liking.


I came in for a fit

and hear The Tar Pit,

singing about a Viking.


I find it quite strange.

(That singer!  That range!)


I’m coming around

to the musical sound,

as my toes start tapping,

and fingers are snapping.


The best part of the show

in case you don’t know,

is a glass of white wine,

and a discount so fine!

©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

*I'm editing to add that I did not come up with the idea of a shop that holds live concerts.  I went with a literal take on the prompt photo, and Moscot IS a glasswear store and they DO/DID have live music!  The title of the poem is actually the name of the monthly "event" that is (or was) in the store.  The latest link though is from 2019, so with the pandemic they may have stopped.  




  1. Interesting! Are you able to add a LIKE button to your blog?

    1. I don't think there's a simple way, it takes coding it in yourself, and for each post, there isn't a Blogger like button. I do think the concept of an eye wear store having live music a bit unusual!

    2. I should say, I looked at the prompt a bit literally.

  2. Love the surreal quality of the store you've described! Something more entertaining than commercial.

  3. Nice progression from reserved confusion to enjoyment.

    1. Thank you. It's probably what a lot of us go through when things aren't quite what we expected.

  4. Sometimes great discounts lead us to the most interesting places.

  5. As always, I SO admire people who can write good poetry! And I actually think it's very cool to have music in an eyewear stor:)

    1. Thank you. Your comment made me laugh, I want to say that I too admire those who can write "good" poetry!

  6. Nice mix of fiction and non-fiction.

    1. Thank you. I have a bit of a problem going literal when prompts are actual places. I tend to put the real things in, when I should be more open to just going with the feeling of the photo.

  7. Dear Lisa,

    I enjoyed your verses. And thank you for the info re the shop.



  8. What a great story and lesson. Now we know! Very fun.

    Anne from annehiga.com


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