Autumn Tableau

 Writers' Pantry #93 

I was introduced to the Tableau form in a post a few days ago.  Here's my first attempt.







The orange peach leaves

rival the sunset.

The reds of the vine,

with purple berry,

feed hungry finches,

as the plum glows pink.


Autumn wind strips leaves

and tosses branches,

caring not the mess

left the next morning.

I wander the yard,  

picking up debris.

©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved


  1. I agree with Helen. The imagery, the feast of colors in particular, is lovely. I love that this glimpse of autumn is full of life--the leaves, the birds, the speaker tidying things up.

    1. Thank you. I am enjoying the colorful autumns here. I grew up in Northern CA where the trees didn't change, so it's exciting to see it happening in my own backyard!

  2. Just gorgeous! And I am interested to learn of a form I didn't previously know.

    1. I was too! Syllabic too, which is one to set aside for Tanka Tuesday poet choice days!


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