It Takes More than Toothpaste

The Whirligig #341 - prompt words in red

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie (MLMM) -  Saturday Mix #OpposingForces - prompt words: mend and break, order and mess (in blue)

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     Tonight, as always, we have nothing in common but the brand of toothpaste on the bathroom counter.  I prefer it be kept out of sight, in the cabinet.  How hard would that be to remember?  You  never listen, never learn.  I’ve explained I thrive on order, yet you seem unable to provide me anything but mess. 
     Our tastes are at opposite ends of the spectrum in all things other than desiring minty fresh breath. 
     You see, I, one one end, have what is called "good taste."  I say as little as needed, while my life remains a sealed book.
     On the other end, we find you.  The stories you tell!  The tweets you... well, tweet or twitter or twit.  Wildly exaggerated versions of our life together.  You say it's more interesting for your "followers" as an "influencer."   They can "follow" you right back to the trailer park.  (Shudder)
     My place is luxury, five star restaurants and caviar.  Yours?  Grubbily stuffy sticky chocolate concoctions in your mouth around a campfire.
     When I'm peckish, I prefer a canape of prosciutto and honeydew to your self-proclaimed family favorite tater-tot casserole with a melted brick of orange processed cheese food, reheated in the microwave.
     Just what is "cheese food" anyway?
     "Influencer?" (Snort)  I  thought I would influence you.  I have always been a good example, attempting to break your bad habits, to mend your common ways, but you do not want to improve.  (Sigh)
     We are not working out.  Nothing personal of course, there has been some fun, a good run, albeit short.  I thought you would be a bit more grateful, a bit more Eliza Doolittle.
     Now, there's a  woman who knew how to listen and learn! 


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  1. Ah yes Ms. Doolittle - learned quite a bit didn't she. And yet the murder mystery series I'm reading about the life of the 1800's... those in that selected upper crust had a few slices short of a full loaf as well as a whole lotta burnt toast! Just saying perception is key.

    Always good to get out of an incompatible relationship when you can :)
    (Jules from WP)

    1. I agree about cutting and running while you can! It isn't a popular opinion, but even if children are involved, as they know what's going on. My oldest, soon to be 40, loved My Fair Lady, and asked me when he was quite little if Eliza and Henry got married! He liked his endings wrapped up in neat little expected bows.


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