Beasts of D.C.

Last week's Scribblings' prompt got me wondering just what's the story behind this painting, bought at Goodwill for $2.69 a few years ago.  Just why are there African mammals dressed in business dress in Washington D.C?   Here's the story as I imagined it:

     A water buffalo, a baboon, and an antelope walk into a bar.

     Strike that.

     A water buffalo, a baboon, and an antelope took the bar, and are 

now high powered attorneys and judges in DC.

     The baboon has expectations, an appointment to the Supreme 

Court.  He has the look, don’t you think?  Although, some have said

his hair is too like that of “He who we would rather forget,” that 

perhaps he should dye it.  Baboon chuckles deeply and enjoys the 


     The buffalo is outwardly more of a thug, sarcastic, loud-

mouthed.  Never without his bulky overcoat.  I wonder what he’s 

hiding under there?

     Lady Antelope takes care to appear prim and proper; blouse

buttoned to the top, skirt just below the knees, heels a moderate 

height.  But looks can be deceiving.  She knows where the political

bodies are buried.  After all, she helped bury them.

     They’re a trio to be reckoned with, and if you see them meeting 

on the bench, don’t mistake it for a working lunch.  Be prepared for a

shake-up in high places.

 ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

The artist signature reads "D. Smith" and the date seems to be 08.  D. Smith is too common to identify the artist, unless I can locate something similar.




  1. An intriguing bit of art, and your interpretation is beyond hilarious ... and in ways too true for comfort!!

    1. I couldn't leave it behind, I had to buy it! It's just so, as you say, "intriguing"! The artist HAD to have meant something by it!

  2. Nice one. Happy Sunday


  3. You may have come very close to what the artist had in mind. After all, you were responding to what was depicted and there to be seen. I can see why you couldn't resist this intriguing work, and I enjoyed your take on it.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I wonder who was working in D.C. that year? I think I'll look it up and see if anyone looked like a buffalo or had hair like that!

  4. Wow! What a great imagination you have! And what an unfortunately true-to-life story.

    1. Thanks! :) I couldn't get the bar joke out of my head, but it went no where trying to tie that in with D.C.

  5. A great response to the picture prompt.
    Certainly it's an intriguing painting, and the artist has his/her messages within the images. I would certainly like to know what it is.

    1. If only the artist name wasn't so common. I usually am able to find information on thrift store art, and have three times been able to contact the artist to ask about the piece. They've all answered me too!

  6. It is always good to see the inventiveness of others whether they be artists or writers. I loved it.


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